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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Live Wire: Lora Leigh

Title: Live Wire
Author: Lora Leigh
Publish Date: March 2011
Type: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5/5

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble
He is larger than life. A born leader. Bound by duty, seduced by danger—and driven to distraction by the one woman who is too powerful to resist…
A hero among men
Meet Captain Jordan Malone. For years he has been a silent warrior and guardian, operating independent of government protocol or oversight, leading his loyal team of Elite Ops agents to fight terror at all costs. A legend in the field, Jordan’s true identity has remained a mystery even to his own men…until now.
A magnet for one woman
Tehya Talamosi, codename Enigma, is a force to be reckoned with. A woman this striking spells nothing but trouble for Jordan. Armed with killer secrets—and body to die for—she’ll bring Jordan to his knees as they both take on the most deadly mission they have ever faced. Because this time, it’s personal…

My Thoughts
First off, I love this series. I started reading it out of order. The first book I read was Maverick, which is the 5th book I believe. Realizing my error, I went back and read them all in order, and fell in love with this series. I like hot sex in books, and this series definitely delivers some hot sex. Live Wire is about the leader of the Elite Ops, Jordan Malone. Throughout the other books Jordan has been a stubborn son of a bitch. And now it's finally his turn to fall in love. Tehya, she's wanted Jordan for six years, but he's never acted on their attraction. When he finally does, Tehya realizes there is still no future with him so she takes off to start her new life outside of the Elite Ops. 9 months later, Tehya is being threatened by ghost of her past so Jordan tracks her down with two things on his mind. Protect Tehya at all costs, and become her lover.

Throughout the other books in the series, you can sense the sexual tension between these two. I was so glad that they finally got there story, because whoa, what a story! I'm wondering if there will be more books or not. There is still Rory, Noah Blake/Nathan Malones little brother, I want him to get a book. Besides, a whole new Elite Ops team has been formed now that Jordans team has disbanded. I highly recommend this series to EVERYONE. Just make sure you read from the beginning. Starting with the SEALS books (the first 3) then moving onto the Elite Ops. Definitely worth the money. Pin It