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Monday, March 14, 2011

To Romance A Charming Rogue: Nicole Jordan

Title: To Romance A Charming Rogue
Author: Nicole Jordan
Publish Date: February 2009
Type: Regency/Historical Romance
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble
Two years ago, lively beauty Eleanor Pierce spied her dashing betrothed, Damon Stafford, Viscount Wrexham, with his former mistress and furiously ended their engagement. Now the charming rake is back in London, meddling in Eleanor’s affairs, bent on thwarting her new suitor. And when Damon’s intoxicating kisses rekindle her deepest longing, Eleanor loses her heart . . . again. But as she has no intention of allowing history to repeat itself, she embarks on a plan of tantalizing seduction, vowing to tame the rogue before she surrenders to his wicked, willful desires.
Determined to stop another man from wooing and winning the woman he loves, Damon knows that claiming Eleanor’s heart is all that matters. But this scandalously bold beauty means to beat him at his own game of romance–a game he is ready and willing to lose.

My Thoughts
Of the different genres in the Romance writing field, Historicals tend to be my least favorite. That's not saying that I don't like them, I do, it's just hard some times to find an author that I really enjoy and that the stories are believable, especially for the time periods. My collection of contemporaries outnumber greatly my collection of Historicals. I often read a whole bunch of contemporary with some erotic and paranormal thrown in, then I'll read one or two historicals and then go back to reading contemporary. The reason being is because I just find it hard to believe some of the stories I've read. However, I've enjoyed this series immensely. Nicole Jordan captivated me from the first book of the Courtship Wars. The dialogue and banter between the characters is believable and enjoyable. One thing that really stands out about this series is that the author hasn't concocted outrageous plots of murder, blackmail etc. Instead she focuses around marriage, whether the characters want to or don't want it. Nicole Jordan does a great job and keeping readers intrigued throughout the book without the help of an outrageous plot like some other authors have to rely on.

I'll definitely be reading the final two books in this series along with more from Nicole Jordan that's for sure. I definitely recommend this book to anyone. Read this series, you will love it.

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